Marianne Kim - The Perfect Human (2011)

The Perfect Human (2011)

Two dancers demonstrate the life events of the “perfect human” performing the daily rituals of an examined life as if under the anthropological scrutiny of an artist/scientist. 

Marianne Kim - Good Person (2011)

Good Person (2011)

The surreal journey of a single female character moving in and out of abstracted fantasy.

Marianne Kim - Room 2 (2011)

Room 2 (2011)

This room contains our objects of desire.

Marianne Kim - The Space Between (2011)

The Space Between (30sixtysecondpieces for sound and movement) (2011)

Objects, sounds, and the body accumulate to create a density that ultimately reveals a new performative landscape.

in listening/in response (2010)

in listening/in response (2010)

The body is transformed by the "ritual" needs of the present. What are the artifacts of ceremony?

crash (2010)

Crash (2010)

a crisis of expression of a man both in the act of telling a story, and inhabiting a story himself.

Marianne Kim - Meditations on North & South (2008)

Meditations on North & South (2008)

An interactive installation meditating on the forgotten places

Marianne Kim - Room 1 (2007)

Room 1 (2007)

The first of a series of video/sculpture installations redefining everyday places through the bodies that inhabit them. Room 1 is the bedroom.

Marianne Kim - 'til the last syllable of recorded time (2006)

'til the last syllable of recorded time (2006)

A non-linear narrative based on Lady Macbeth.

Marianne Kim - Security System (2006)

Security System (2006)

A portable sculptural performance installation that investigates the illusion of safety

Marianne Kim - Madam In Eden, I’m Adam (2005)

Madam In Eden, I’m Adam (part one: the final hour) (2005)

This dance theatre work collides the imagistic dance of Japanese Butoh and American hip-hop/break dancing as well as innovative video and music. 

Marianne Kim - making-disaster (2005)

Making a Disaster: the many deaths of John Wayne (2005)

Making a Disaster contemplates the history of the United State’s nuclear testing program.

Marianne Kim - terrible things we do (2005)

terrible things we do (2005)

A meta-performative video/sound installation blurring the lines of violence, intimacy, and viewership.

Marianne Kim - The Image After (2004)

The Image After (2004)

Unlike any other visual image, a photograph is not a rendering, an imitation or an interpretation of its subject, but actually a trace of it.

Marianne Kim - fasteners (2004)

fasteners (2004)

The twins in the video conjure roles of lovers, sisters, and mother/child struggling with their ambivalence to attach or detach.

Marianne Kim - decollage (2004)

decollage (2004)

Love and murder in Salzburg

Marianne Kim - 'til the last syllable of recorded time (2006)

any/nano/body (2004)

A performance event that brings nano science to life through innovative choreography and site-specific improvisation.

Marianne Kim - Fusion (2004)

Fusion (2004)

A digitally enhanced image of the impaled female body finds symmetry through metamorphosis.

Marianne Kim - DRIVEBY (2003)

DRIVEBY (2003)

a dance for the camera that negotiates the space between a dancer and a moving vehicle.

Marianne Kim - passage (2001)

Passage (2001)

A solo dancer glacially moves through a video landscape of the body in crisis.