'til the last syllable of recorded time (2006)

Original format: Mini DV
Time: 13 minutes
Direction/Editing: Marianne Kim
Producer: Lucky Plush Productions
Performers: Peter Carpenter (Macbeth), Julia Rhoads (Lady Macbeth), Zachary Whittenburg (Witch), Lia Bonfilio (Witch), Szewai Lee (Witch)
Music: Joshua Abrams
Production Assistants: Ania Greiner, Liz Winfield
Location: Chicago

‘til the last syllable of recorded time is an experimental short video inspired by the ambition, guilt and the death of Lady Macbeth. Highly influenced by the imagistic dance theatre of Japanese Butoh, the piece attempts to locate the moral valance of Lady Macbeth. Within a contemporary setting, this experimental video negotiates the complex matrix surrounding the portrait of the “woman behind the man.” The video creates surreal imagery and non-linear narrative re-imagining the psychology of a woman and a man struggling for power, but to only be coerced by the whimsy of the three witches.