Crash (2010)

Stage performance created by Will Bond
with Brian H. Scott and Deborah Hay
Performance by Will Bond with guest performer A.J. Sabatini
Sets and Lighting by Brian H. Scott
Gallery Installation by Marianne M. Kim
Still images: Bodgan Ghit, Brian H. Scott, Will Bond

Crash - is a solo stage performance and gallery installation created by New York based theatre artist Will Bond of international renowned theatre company SITI. This new work is created in collaboration with Judson Dance Theater pioneer Deborah Hay, SITI/Rude Mechanicals company member Brian H. Scott, and ASU assistant professor Marianne M. Kim. CRASH is as much a meditation on the urge to tell a story as it is a story told.  What began originally as a piece of theater written by Will Bond to be directed by Deborah Hay quickly metamorphosed into a bigger dialogue about performance, story-telling, and the nature of the performer/audience relationship. Using text (some invented, some borrowed), movement, and light, CRASH is a crisis of expression of a man both in the act of telling a story, and inhabiting a story himself. CRASH celebrates the ephemeral nature of performance, and the basic story-telling nature of human beings that binds us together, creates community, preserves memory, conveys wisdom, and reminds us that we are not alone.  We share them in real time and in the same undifferentiated space.  “What if how I see the space I am in, with you, is a means by which the story arises without my having to look for it?”

CRASH is made possible in part by the generosity of Arizona State University’s Division of Humanities Arts & Cultural Studies, the Rude Mechs Theater Company, Austin TX, and is inspired by P. Henry Shields, by a previous work entitled HISTORY OF THE WORLD FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, by Wim Wenders, and by Deborah Hay’s interest.