Good Person (2011)

Director/Editor: Marianne M. Kim
Choreographer/Performer: Cheng-Chieh Yu
Composer: Robert Een
Production Assistance: Ian Isles, Peter Melville

Shot in Guangzhou, China, and Los Angeles; GOOD PERSON is a performance-based video that follows the surreal journey of a single female character moving in and out of abstracted fantasy. The video is loosely based on Bertolt Bercht’s The Good Person of Setzuan. Instead of focusing on the plot of the original play, this video proposes the essence of duality and conflict within one person. The split screen video plays on the theme of duality. How can two images collide and still reflect a single gesture? Objects, color, and material are utilized to confront gender, race, and identity. It is an imagistic portrait of a woman wrestling with the roles of victim and criminal. She travels and dances with the clothes on and off her back and a box that serves as her dancing partner and shelter. She stoically wanders through the streets of Guangzhou uncertain if she’s looking for a place to hide or for a place to be seen. The video attempts to intricately link artistic visions and practical investigations of physicality and space