Room 1 (2007)

Installation/Performers: Joseph Ravens, Marianne Kim
Video: Marianne Kim
Audio: Marianne Kim, Anthony Pereira
Video Documentation: Anthony Pereira
Location: Arizona

Room 1 - Marianne Kim and Joseph Ravens connect across distance and time to collaborate on projects that involve the body, various technologies, sculptural objects, and provocative visual imagery. Our ROOM is part of a series of sites that we use to locate the collision of fear and safety. This room contains an apparatus of “rest” that remembers illness, intimacy, and vulnerability.

JR: “What do you think?”

MK: “The bedroom is a place of safety for me, though I have had my worst frights in my bed: nightmares, contraception malfunction, fearing I caught a disease, hallucinating from fever. After traveling, what I look forward to the most is arriving home to my bed - the moment when my body melts into the bed – calm, orgasmic, nothing like it. I get some of my best ideas in bed. It is a place of creativity. I am reminded of Virginia Woolf’s, ROOM OF ONE’S OWN. It was an important piece of writing for me - still is. In my bedroom I sleep, sweat out a cold, read, dream, exercise, and plan my next move.”

JR: “ My soft sanctuary, my solitary nest, my downy womb all white and wholesome. I long to go there; to my asylum, and grant myself rest. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”, I hear myself say as I prop myself up and set about my day. My bedroom is a place of transformation where today magically becomes tomorrow. It is home to my wardrobe – my interface with humanity. Who do I want to be today? Who will I be tomorrow? When I consider my bedroom, for some reason I think of Orwell’s novel, 1984 In this book there is a torture chamber in the Ministry of Love (called Room 101) where a prisoner is subjected to his or her most horrible nightmare. What is your worst fear?”